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Hi Becky, 

I visited you about three weeks ago for the best session of my life. I have become very calm and less stressed, I'm sleeping better and my brother's voice and threats no longer play in my head. I have such clarity and I feel so much better. I saw my nutritionist today for my nutrition coaching. I had not followed my plan completely as after my session, I felt more "sure" of myself. Interestingly, I still dropped some fat and gained some muscle. I believe that being less stress and anxiety free was a part of the reason I still went down and not up. I'm so very motivated and feel good. Thank you so much!

Again, thank you for helping me get through this awful code of abuse I had to crack!



My life has totally changed for the better after seeing Becky Stidham.    My mind used to seem like it was on a merry-go-round of thoughts, and I was stressed out all the time.  The talk therapy helped me begin to make positive changes right away. After only one hypnosis session, MANY things have changed, here are some:

It seems like all the “trash” is my brain has been carried out, my headaches are almost totally gone, no more anger, no more worries about what people think or worries about being alone, no more putting others first and taking care of them, not saying “I can’t,” and less anxiety.    Everyone at work and my family and friends have noticed the changes in me!  I am more confident, relaxed, and sleep better and even started exercising and eating healthier foods. My life goals seem clearer. I am making positive life changes that I would never have believed before.



Becky , I want to say "Thank You " for helping me get rid of some long time negative thinking. I was not a believer in hypnosis and was Very skeptical when we started the session. It has been almost 4 months at this point.I rarely have the negative thoughts that have had for many years . When I do get these thoughts that have been a burden to me I am able to let them go immediately. Life is life and will never be perfect but this weight that I have carried for a long time is gone for now .  It was fate that brought us together and I am so glad you where able to help me . Happy Holidays, MW    11/2016







December 20, 2008

I never felt worthy of being alive; never felt good enough for anything or anyone. I was completely hopeless. I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, and major depression. All of these issues eventually caught up with me and I could no longer work, much less get out of the house. I had tried therapy in the past, but never felt an improvement. I was absolutely desperate for someone to help me. It was then that I met Becky Stidham. After talking about my situation she recommended trying hypnosis. Well naturally I was nervous and wondered if my mind would even let me do it due to my intense anxiety. Nevertheless, I sat down, propped my feet up, and covered up with a blanket. She gave me headphones that played soft music, glasses that had blinking lights to tire my central nervous system, and a device on my hand that monitored my pulse. Then I heard her soothing voice speaking lightly to me and telling me to relax and concentrate on relaxing my muscles starting from head to toe. She then started to speak to my subconscious mind. When the session was over I felt calm and relaxed. I waited one week to see her again and by that time I noticed my thoughts were not so negative and my anxiety went from 10 being the worst to a 5. What got me was that I was making improvements without consciously doing it, it was just happening. It was like my brain got rewired to think and feel more positive and calm. To this day I have not had any panic attacks and my depression doesn't exist. I feel genuinely happy, worthy of life and love. I have a completely different way of thinking and thanks to Becky I now love myself and I accept where and who I am today. Jennifer











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