Brainspotting Testimonials

I highly recommend Becky and her services for brainspotting and hypnosis. RK

Resolved my issues, and will return if I need further therapy. Richelle C.

Becky has literally changed my life in more ways than I will ever understand. If you are a skeptic of this treatment- give it ONE try. I was too and I literally have felt my life and general sense of happiness & personal well-being improve ten fold- and I feel like I am finally back to where I was before. I feel normal again. This treatment is not magic- but it feels like it is. I owe this woman so much for helping me get my life back- I am me again. Give her ONE try- it changed my life. Sabrina H.

Becky thank you for your presence, your compassion and your gift of BrainSpotting. I have referred so many friends and I know they have received so much healing from your sessions as I have. Thank you ! DG

She's very calm and maintain open communication. She allowed me to express myself. The office is conducive. It was something I expected. She gave me an option to talk about my feelings or to allow her discuss how I feel. I would recommend seeing her. Jhoanne E.

Ms. Stidham is a very professional, honest, caring and nurturing individual. She has helped me tremendously through brain spotting, hypnosis and talk therapies. I feel comfortable opening up to her. Our mental health is extremely important and I encourage those who need a true professional to seek out Ms. Stidham! MN

I have been visiting Becky for a few years on and off. My biggest regret is not maintaining consistency. As a Veteran of the armed forces with the full support of the VA behind me, while I don’t deny there aren’t any competent therapist at the VA hospital. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as effective as Becky. They key is consistency and self desire of accepting help and actually putting it to good use. Aside from that. She truly is very caring and understanding, and if you actually listen, she will give you feedback, genuine feedback. I am 26 and a full time student at the university here in Houston. I could say if it were not for Becky and the sessions I had with her, I would have most likely drooped out. I do have my thanks to giver her. VL

She is just a great therapist and a caring person. She helped me a lot, I'm a different person, her treatments really worked. I highly recommend her. MC

Becky helped me open my mind to better analyze my anxiety and stress. She is truly amazing. Her treatment is 100% personalized. She truly helped me get back on track with my life and helped me manage and find the root of my anxiety. BK

Becky has been instrumental in managing my anxiety. She listened to me carefully and showed compassion when I wasn’t feeling well. I was always surprised how she helped me uncover feelings and beliefs I didn’t know I had by asking questions and digging into the problems. I like the techniques used by Becky during therapy. AP

We have gone to Becky for brainspotting therapy, I am grateful for the difference the sessions made for my girls and their well being. It is an amazing technique. Becky is a consummate professional who is wonderful with the children and I regularly recommend her to our friends. KL

Becky is quite a good therapist, she give me compassion that beyond my expectations, I highly recommend her if you need Brainspotting. YZ

Last week when I went to my appointment with Ms. Stidham, I was very distraught about an interaction that I had experienced with my father the day before. The previous evening my elderly mother and father, and my middle-aged brother, who lives in another state but came to Houston to help celebrate my father’s 91st birthday, and I had dinner together at a local restaurant. This was a rare occasion because my brother lives far away and rarely visits, and I limit my time with my mother and father even though we live within miles of each other. Even though I anticipated that the family dynamics from my childhood would resurface under the circumstances, I was caught off guard when my father said some offensive things to me. As a result, I was very disturbed and upset by the encounter, but very thankful that I already had an appointment scheduled with Ms. Stidham the following day. Ms. Stidham did a Brainspotting session with me the day after the encounter with my father and the result was that I left her office feeling better than I had felt in a long time. After leaving her office I went home and had a great night’s sleep without waking once (which was unusual for me), and I woke up feeling like forty years of sadness and anger had been lifted. It’s been two weeks since that session and I still feel calm and at peace. I don’t know how Brainspotting works, but it really, really does! D.M.

Before I met Becky Stidham, I was researching the new psychological technique called Brainspotting, which I had heard about as being a brain-based therapy, similar to EMDR, that was now the fastest growing area in the field of psychological health. Brainspotting has been garnering attention recently because of its efficacy at treating PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, physical pain, and chronic illness, and other issues immediately as compared to talk therapy which can take years to effect healing. When I researched therapists in Houston who practice Brainspotting I came across Becky Stidham and was impressed with her experience with the Brainspotting technique. Ms. Stidham is not only a practitioner of the technique, but she also assists in teaching the therapy technique to others around the US. I made an appointment to see Ms. Stidham and when I arrived for our session, she explained the science behind the technique, what I could expect from our session, and what I might experience afterwards. During our session I was surprised to be subconsciously compelled to express feelings of shame from experiences that I had kept bottled up since early childhood. When the therapy was over, I felt a sense of deep relief that I had been unburdened from the shame that I had been carrying for decades. I plan to meet with Ms. Stidham again to continue this amazing, and lifechanging therapy. D.M.

Sitting down in the chair I had no idea what to expect. Where do I even start? Thankfully there was a professional in the room who was able to assist me. I became a miner to my own mind and Becky was my guide while I searched for "gold". Picking at thoughts, memories, opinions, and experiences, we mined through it all. "Back up." "To the left" "Keep going further.", together we would eventually find that "spot". That "place" in a process called "brain spotting". It's a technique that I've never heard before and was hesitant when I first learned of it, but the moment our session came to life so did that "spot". After an hour of what actually seemed like hours I left for my home. I did not carry anything back with me, but my own self. Any mental burden of my situation was at ease. It was all insignificant and no longer mattered. It's been a few weeks since our session and I can safely state that I still feel this way. I appreciate our time that we spent together mining for the origin of my burdens and they've been lifted. The avalanche of negative thoughts have crumbled and have turned to dust. They don't matter. There is a larger production in your life than these mini episodes that are only small cliff notes to nothing. Thank you Becky for reminding me that. J.C.

What I noticed from the session is:    During the session and for several days I felt amazing.  

Since then, my attitude is much brighter, the chronic tension from the accidents is much less.  I didn’t realize how fatigued I was.  It’s easier for me to get out of bed in the morning.  I feel lighter all over.  

Thank you so much for your work! D.

I was beating myself up over a project that had been very successful for eleven years. I was the group leader of this project and felt obligated and committed to making sure it continued to be successful, but I could see that the project was going downhill and there was nothing I could do to stop this downhill progression. 

Becky told me about brain spotting we set an appointment and prior to the appointment, like most lay person I really did not realize I had a problem especially the problem I described above. Since then I have resigned as the leader of the aforementioned project and today I feel totally free without any guilt.  Thank you Becky!


Difficult to find the right words to describe my experience with Becky and Brainspotting.  I wasn't familiar with Brainspotting and didn't know anything about the process until Becky introduced me to it.  When Becky asked me what I was feeling, I was surprised to hear myself say that I was feeling angry at myself.  That was not on my mind when I arrived for the appointment.   When asked where I was feeling the anger in my body, I was able to feel it in my throat and in my chest.  During the session I was able to process and let go of the anger and felt a sense of relief when I walked out the door.  Amazing experience!    JB

Hi Becky, It's been 7 days since our brain-spotting session so that gives me a bit more perspective on the benefits of the process. My ability to control my impulses and my awareness of the choices I am making seem heightened. I am resisting emotional/stress induced eating more effectively, which in turn makes me feel more confident and healthy.Although brain spotting is a bit quirky I have benefitted from both sessions we have had. I'll keep you updated on the lasting effects and thanks for introducing me to a new modality of treatment.

I tried to describe the process to a friend and I think it is a very different type of therapy but it seems to be working. 


Since February, I was feeling depressed and had no motivation, but didn’t know why.  I knew what I should be doing but couldn’t make myself do it.  Growing up, I learned from my family to medicate my painful emotions with food.  Becky Stidham used Brainspotting to help me discover the reasons why I was feeling this way and to release it.  It’s hard to believe that messages you got as a child and things that happened in high school can still affect you.  I became conscious of the messages from my father to just quit when things get hard. And to then eat when you feel bad about yourself and feel in control.  Because of that I haven’t pushed myself to my full potential.  Now I believe that I can anything I want to do!

Update:  Thank you Becky.  I can say that by Monday I have felt like myself again.  I just feel like I can do anything and got back into my fitness and eating healthy.  I was even offered a brownie and i turned it down because I wasn’t hungry.  Thank you for everything!


Two of my childhood caregivers who I was close to died and because of that stress I started having panic attacks, blackouts, and seizures.  My youth was full of trauma and I knew I needed help.  I searched for help for years - from psychiatrists and medication to therapists, treatment centers and more. Nothing gave me the relief I was searching for.  Then my life got even more stressful when circumstances caused me to fear loosing my kids.  I went to Becky Stidham and she suggested we try Brainspotting and it was TRANSFORMATIVE!  I was able to recognize and let go of a lot of pain and suffering.  After the first session, I had no anxiety, I slept well, and instead of nightmares I had peaceful dreams.  My husband cannot believe how well I am coping with the stress in our lives.  I have returned for additional Brainspotting sessions and each time I find more healing.  Becky is so patient, kind, and really digs deep to uncover the underlying pain. She truly has the ultimate guide to regaining a peaceful life. I wish I would have found Becky years ago!!!!


I had an appointment with Ms. Stidham for the brainspotting technique. My initial reason for doing this was to give up sugar. Little did I know that the reason I was eating sweets was really a coping mechanism for anxiety. The session brought up some emotions that I was unaware of due to changes in my life. {ie. retirement, empty nest} since the appointment, my sugar intake has drastically reduced. I would recommend this to anyone suffering with anxiety.E.

March 6, 2018


I recently visited Becky Stidham as a last resort to help me with my food/eating issues; sugar addiction and purge/ binge habits. I have never gone to therapy before but the nutritionist I am currently working with suggested for me to consider visiting with Becky. 

I discovered during my therapy session with Becky that I had been using food; particularly sugar, as a way to medicate my emotional stress; both past and present. I would binge on sugar when I was upset or hurt as a way to relieve and forget the negative emotions I was feeling. Then as a result of the binge I would feel guilty and ashamed, so then came the purge. I realized during the therapy session that I had a tremendous amount of hurt that I was holding onto from the past both with family relationships and myself.

Becky suggested a technique called Brainspotting. I had not heard of this before but was willing to try to free myself from these destructive behaviors and the intense cravings I seemed to always have for sugar. At first, I will admit, I felt very silly but then something happened. I began to have a rush of feelings, thoughts, tears...... lots and lots of tears and a sense of real physical discomfort in my chest. I was able to recognize and connect the thoughts and physical and emotional pain with the behaviors I had been participating in. With Becky’s help and guidance, I was able to release that pain, make peace with it and let it go. 

After the session was complete, Becky asked me to think of something sweet I’d like to have as I had just gone through a significant amount of emotion by this time. I could not think of a single thing. I am somewhat of a skeptic because I have tried to kick these habits and rid myself of this demon for years, but a week later I was sitting in my car literally TRYING to have a sweet craving....nothing. As I write this testimonial, I am 1 month out from 1 session of Brainspotting and am still amazed at how much this technique has helped me! 

I know it “stuck” because my husband and I just a few days ago had a very intense, heated “discussion”. In the past I would have sulked in my hurt with a bag of cookies, a bag of candy or a tub of ice cream. But not this time. I was able to work through my feelings and hurt, move past it, and let it go with no sugar, binge or purge involved. 



A parent asked for help for her 11 yr old son with anger issues.  He was easily triggered which led to explosive outbursts both at home and in school.  He would bang his head on the wall during meltdowns.  After one Brainspotting session, this is what his Mom said: 

Becky, I wanted to let you know how transformational your work with my son has been!! He's much lighter, happier, calmer, more organized, more expressive, more connected, proactive, motivated, healthier appetite, more respectful...I could go On...

I've gotten so many wonderful compliments about him from teachers and staff at his school as well.  Just WOW!!! L.S.


The first time I underwent a Brainspotting treatment, I did not know what to expect.  Initially, I had gone in to combat anxiousness and fear related to a future major surgery.  After the Brainspotting treatment, I felt so peaceful, my surgery was completed without incident and all my focus was on recovery and moving forward. 

For my second Brainspotting session, I went in to overcome severe nervousness related to a large presentation I had to give.  After the treatment, not only was I able to overcome this extreme angst, but I realized it was related to the first presentation I had to give back in 7th grade.  Once I could let go of that specific incident, I found the anxiety move within my body and felt it linked with bullying episodes I experienced in elementary and middle school.  Brainspotting not only helped me overcome these episodes I thought I had gotten past, but I have never felt so serene mentally and physically. 

What has been most surprising is the lasting effects of the therapies.  The therapy can be intense as my experience has led me to re-live some of those past hurts, but being able to finally let go of those episodes, has led to a healing that continues to be deep and lasting.  After only two treatments, I feel more tranquil than I have felt in a very long time. 

Now my anxiety only seems to pop up when there is another unresolved issue I seem to have buried deep within my psyche.  But I know that I can go in for another treatment and be cured quickly.  I feel more confident and more at peace with my own brain and body; those filters that those past incidents built are slowly disappearing.  I feel more like me without the filters, and finally feel as though I am more open to people, events, and life that I held back from myself.  Anyone can undergo treatment, I couldn’t recommend Brainspotting enough.  R.C.


Today I saw Becky Stidham and it was the most amazing experience of my life. I was skeptical at first, but after a recent experience I had with former friends, I realized I had to do something about the constant pain and self-blame I felt in my heart. In addition, my concentration in work had been lost, and I had no motivation to continue what I used to be passionate about. Most of my thoughts were always directed to my darkest secret, an eating disorder I've had for ten years which I have mostly kept it hidden from others, it has been a black hole in my life that I kept falling deeper into.  I also have suffered from anxiety and depression and take anti-depressants, but the medications have some horrible side effects.  Previous therapies have not helped me.  A friend referred me to Becky and she used Brainspotting to help me.  When we started I had an anxiety level up to #10 level and pain in my chest.  During the Brainspotting, my brain went back in time to countless experiences and relationships I have had related to anxiety.  The experience is like nothing I have ever experienced.  At some points I noticed all of the negative messages I say to myself, the pain in my chest seemed to come and go, and I began to have some positive thoughts and feelings.   My processing took about an hour and after it was over, I could breath deeply without any anxiety. I know something is different (positive) and I FEEL JOYFUL and at ease with myself, I am no longer hearing the negative voices in my head that scream negative judgement, I know feel PEACE and this is truly an amazing awakening.



I have struggled with my weight most of my life and been in and out of therapy for an eating disorder on and off for twenty five years.  My goal is be able to stick to a healthy eating plan without giving up.  Recently, Becky Stidham used Brainspotting with me to try to get to the heart of my eating issues.  I know I experience a sense of self-loathing after any binge eating episode. However, what I learned in the Brainspotting session is that the self-loathing is there ALL of the time and has been there most of my life.  In this one session, not only did I have this realization, but the self-loathing is GONE.  I've tried to conjure up this underlying feeling I’ve experienced most of my life and find that I can’t! 



I had an appointment with Ms. Stidham for Brainspotting therapy. During the process many things came to mind spontaneously that had been forgotten for years. My anxiety level decreased while I was still in the office. Also, I am sleeping better.  I will definitely go for another session. EI


Brainspotting allowed me to resolve a deep seated fear that I had not been able to previously identify but that I would feel when placed in certain social and personal situations. The feeling would manifest as a sharp pain in my mid-region even though the circumstances didn’t seem to warrant that level of reaction. I was able to connect this feeling to an event that happened to me as a very young child and now I have shined light on it and properly identify the true source of the fear.

Thanks, Ms. Becky for helping me smooth another wrinkle in my psychic rug.


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